Board of Directors

For a list of past Boards of Directors, please visit here.

Erin Dugan, Co-President, UT '15

Current Location: Washington, DC

Current Position: Senior Policy Advisor, US Senate

Danielle Neighbour, Co-President, KS ‘16

Location: Washington, DC

Current Position: Foreign Affairs Officer, US Department of State

Patrick Price, Treasurer, IN '99

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Current Position: General Counsel State Budget Agency, Special Counsel

Swati Agarwal, MI '91

Location: Bethesda, MD

Current Position: CEO of Firmseek

Sophie Rutenbar, Past President, TX '05

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Current position: Planning Officer with the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti

Alex Coccia, Communications, OH ‘13

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Current position: Senior Policy Analyst, Center for the Study of Social Policy

Nazir Harb Michel, WA '07

Location: Sammamish, Washington

Current Position: Senior Researcher at Remitly

Stephen Honan, Technology, VA ‘10

Current Location: Virginia

Current Position: Entrepreneur 

Louis Lainé, NJ ’15

Location: New Jersey

Current Position: Managing Director at The Vox Institute

Frederick Lane, MA ‘83

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Current Position: Author and Co-Founder at The Center for Cyberethics

Miles Owen, SC ‘11

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Current Position: City Planner, Office of Climate and Environment

Sarah Sieloff, WA '05

Location: Bellingham, Washington

Current position: Senior Planner, Maul Foster & Alongi


Jessica Swan, Secretary, TN '04

Location: Nashville, TN

Current Position: Education Program Specialist, Office of English Language Acquisition at the U.S. Department of Education


Cara Thuringer, SD ‘15

Location: Denver, Colorado

Current Position: Climate Justice Resource Hub Manager, Chisholm Legacy Project

Matt Zedler, Past President, Deputy Treasurer, VA '06

Location: San Francisco, CA  

Current Position: Head of Product & Application Engineering, Lockheed Martin

Non-Board Leadership

Emily Dempsey, General Counsel

Current Location: Chicago, IL

Current Position: Non-Profit Attorney

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