Board of Directors


Erin Dugan, Co-President, UT '15

Current Location: Washington, DC

Current Position: Legislative Correspondent, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin

Matt Zedler, Co-President, VA '06

Current Location: Boston, MA

Current Position: Head, Product & Application Engineering, Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy

Patrick Price, Treasurer, IN ‘99

Micaela Brokaw, LA '09

Current Location: Kansas City, MO

Current Position: Non-Profit Development

John Armour

John Armour, Outreach & Technology Chair, WV '09

Current Location: Raleigh, NC

Current Position: Programmer Analyst, NCSU

Greg Nance, WA '10

Current Location: Shanghai, China

Current Position: CEO of and Chairman of

Sophie Rutenbar, TX '05

Current Location: New York City, NY

Current Position: Communication and Coordination Officer, United Nations Department of Field Support

Alex Coccia, OH ‘13

Current Location: Oxford, UK

Current Position: Candidate DPhil in Politics

Stephen Honan, VA ‘10

Current Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Current Position: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer, US Navy

Mark Farrell, AK ‘05

Vincent O'Leary, WV ‘17

Current Location: Wheeling, WV

Current Position: Teaching

Danielle Neighbour, KS ‘16

Current Location: Washington, DC

Current Position: Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Conservation and Water, US Department of State

Non-Board Leadership

Emily Dempsey, General Counsel

Current Location: Chicago, IL

Current Position: Non-Profit Attorney


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